Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Joomla at a glance

Joomla is an open source content management system referred by tens of thousands as the best CMS (Content Management System) in the world.

After being installed, we can set up sections, categories, content items and much more add-ons to our new website. Forget the HTML, PHP, Ajax and any other languages for coding the websites, because using Joomla means create a website using friendly menus. With just point and click interface, it will be much easier.

Sounds interesting right?

The fact is, you must really get used to the menus and the terms in Joomla. The terms "easier" means everything are much easier than coding it entirely from the first place!

So, the first thing you can do is find the best source in the internet to learn it or for me I have my own “Joomla! For Dummies” book as guidance.

Next step you have to download the latest version of Joomla (you can download it here for the latest version). And remember to download the database component (I'm using XAMPP it means linuX, Ajax, Mysql, PHP, Perl). You can download XAMPP from this link.

The hard part (for me) is selecting the best template that suits you.
I prefer some FREE templates you can choose:
- Joomla24
- JoomlaShack
- SiteGround

Now you will begin sweating and swearing, it is not that easy as it says huh?

If you are a serious user and want to design it more professional you must find website professionals or get some help from ecommerce web services if you want to get the best of your internet business.

Not to worry if you are just starting new business and using website as your media, because generally web services can help you in the retail business.

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